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Вышла новая версия IBExpert
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IBExpert version 2007.12.08

IBExpert New Version 2007.12.08 ready for download!

See details.

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Вышла версия  IBExpert 2008.11.18  smile 

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Самую свежую версию IBExpert обычно можно скачать тут

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1. IBExpert new version with full Unicode support
What should you know about the unicode support in IBExpert?
2. Workshop: convert to Delphi® 2009 & Firebird 2.1 with Unicode support
Develop international robust database applications
3. New IBExpert feature
Set individual color frames for database registrations

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В версии 2009.06.15 небольшие проблемы (недоделки) с юникодом. Ждём новую версию.
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1. IBExpert new version 2009.08.17

IBExpert 2009.08.17

1. Code Editors

* Fixed problem with handling of hieroglyphs, they are rendered
and selected correctly now.

2. Database Explorer

* Added possibility to quickly open a table/view editor on the Data page.
There is a corresponding item - Show data - in the Database Explorer
context menu. Default shortcut for this action is F9.

3. SP/Trigger/Block Debugger

* Support of UTF8/Unicode implemented

* Fast debug mode implemented. In this mode some statements like simple
assignments and boolean expressions of IF/WHILE statements will be executed
on the client side if possible (in standard - Careful - mode a corresponding
SELECT statement will be composed and executed on the server side).
Use Fast mode, for example, if you need to execute many times a loops
which contain statements that can be calculated on the client side,
this will greatly reduce a total execution time.
4. IBEBlock

* ibec_AnsiStringToUTF8 implemented.

function ibec_AnsiStringToUTF8(AnsiString : string) : string;
ibec_AnsiStringToUTF8 performs conversion of AnsiString to UTF8 using
current system ansi code page.

* ibec_UTF8ToAnsiString implemented.

function ibec_UTF8ToAnsiString(UTF8String : string) : string;
ibec_UTF8ToAnsiStringperforms conversion of UTF8String to ansi string.

* ibec_ExecScript implemented.
function ibec_ExecScript(Script : string) : variant;
Running a script to create interactive dialogs, there will be a seperate
Newsletter with description and examples.

5. Code Formatting

* Added possibility to align type definitions for input/output
parameters and variables
* Added "Start single line comments from the first column" option.
This is useful for Firebird 1.0 users.

6. Extract Metadata

* Added possibility to drag objects from object dependencies trees
(Dependencies tab of object editors) and field dependencies list
(Fields tab of table/view editors) into the Selected Objects tree.

7. SQL Assistant, Database Properties, Active Users tab

* Added "IP Address" column for databases with MON$ATTACHMENTS table

8. Dragging objects from the Database Explorer tree into the Code Editors:

* Added possibility to format generated code

9. Export Data:

* Added "Decimal separator" option

10. BLOB Viewer/Editor:

* Fixed problem with loading of XML files

11. HTML Documentation:

* Support of UTF8 implemented

12. A lot of minor bugfixes and small improvements 


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Вышла новая версия IBExpert 2010.01.06

New features include:

    * Lock your SQL queries
    * New ident/unident shortcuts
    * Now supports Firebird 2.5's Trace/Audit services
    * New IBEBlock: ibec_DirectoryExists

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Сегодня выпущена новая версия IBExpert 2010.03.17

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What's New?
IBExpert 2010.06.20

1. Import Data:

    * Added the possibility to select table names from the list of available tables when importing data from an MS Access database.
    * Fixed the problem with truncation of values when importing data from XLS-files. 

2. SQL Editor:

    * The new Query Manager allows you to organize your queries in different query sets. 

Note: This feature is only available if the IBExpert User Database (Options / Environment Options / User Database) is used as a main storage.

3. Create SUID procedures:

    * Added the possibility to change a processed table directly in the Create SUID Procedures form. 

4. Copy object:

    * Fixed the problem with the processing of external tables (regular tables were created instead). 

5. IBEBlock:

    * Support of UPDATE OR INSERT implemented.
    * ibec_CopyToClipboard function implemented. 

function ibec_CopyToClipboard(StringToCopy : string; Encoding : integer) : boolean;
ibec_CopyToClipboard puts a copy of the string specified by the StringToCopy parameter in the clipboard. The Encoding parameter specifies encoding of the StringToCopy and can be __seAnsi or __seUTF8.

6. Extract Metadata:

    * Fixed the problem with extracting stored procedure headers with TYPE OF <table>.<column> definitions when the referenced table has not yet been created. 

7. Exceptions Editor:

    * Added the possibility to display exception messages as Unicode (UTF8). 

8. Table Data Comparer; Database Comparer:

    * Both now use the connection role if specified. 

9. A lot of minor bug fixes and small improvements

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Я так понял, что в версии  2010.07.05 только несколько исправлений

New IBExpert version 2010.07.05 available!

1. Minor bug fixes and small improvements

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New IBExpert version 2010.07.26 available!

What is new?

New features in detail

New features overview:

IBExpert 2010.07.26

1. Data Frame, Form View:

* Fixed problem "control has no parent window" when browsing recordsets
with blob fields.

2. IBEBlock:

* Memory leak eliminated when executing nested ibeblocks using EXECUTE IBEBLOCK

* ibec_ExtractMetadata function: added ServerVersion, AddKeyword, RemoveKeyword options.
All options are intended mostly for control quoting of identifiers that match keywords.

Example of usage:
ibec_ExtractMetadata(MyDB, 'D:\MyDB.sql', 'ServerVersion=FB21; AddKeyword=FIRST,SECOND,KEY;
RemoveKeyword=START,TIME; ...', cbb);

You can use following server version identifiers with ServerVersion option:
IB5X, IB61, IB65, IB70, IB71, IB75, IB2007, FB10, FB15, FB20, FB21, FB25, YA10.

* ibec_SetEnvironmentVariable function implemented.

ibec_SetEnvironmentVariable function is a wrapper for Windows API SetEnvironmentVariable
function which sets the value of an environment variable for the current process.


function ibec_SetEnvironmentVariable(VarName : string; Value : string) : integer;

If the function succeeds, the return value is nonzero. If the function fails, the return value is zero.

3. Dependencies Frame:

* "Apply block to selected objects" item added to context menu. This allows
users to process selected objects using custom ibeblocks.

4. Blob Viewer/Editor:

* Added "As IBE/FB Block" tab with possibility of integrated debugging.
Currently only debugging of IBEBlocks supported.

5. Extract Metadata:

* Support of default database collate for FB 2.5 databases implemented.

6. Create Database:

* Added "Default collation" field to specify default collate for FB 2.5 databases

7. View Editor:

* Fixed some problems with resolving dependencies of a view when creating the Recreate Script.

8. IBEScript, SQL Scripts:

* Added possibility to use environment variables in INPUT, OUTPUT and SET BLOBFILE statements.


execute ibeblock
ibec_SetEnvironmentVariable('MyScriptDir', 'D:\Scripts\MyScripts');
ibec_SetEnvironmentVariable('MyDataDir', 'D:\Data');
ibec_SetEnvironmentVariable('MyBlobData', 'D:\Data\Blobs');

SET BLOBFILE '%MyBlobData%\mytable.lob';

OUTPUT '%MyDataDir%\mytable.sql';
select * from mytable

INPUT '%MyScriptDir%\ProcessData.sql';

9. Table/View Editor:

* Added possibility to drop foreign key directly from the fields list, if exists
(from the context menu)

* Support of altering of computed by expressions implemented (FB 2.5)

10. SP/Trigger Debugger:

* Support of EXECUTE STATEMENT ... ON external connection implemented.

11. Minor bugfixes and improvements...

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IBExpert 2011.01.11

1. Services / Trace and Audit:

    * Grid View feature implemented. It allows you to browse trace logs in a table mode.
    * Added the possibility to load and analyze the trace data from a file.
    * Added a context menu for trace session tabs. 

2. Code Editors:

    * Performance of search and replace has increased considerably when working with long texts. 

3. Database Explorer / Copy Data / Copy Procedure:

    * Added support for TYPE OF COLUMN, NOT NULL and default values (Firebird 2.5). 

4. Export Data:

    * Export to XML spreadsheet implemented.
    * Fixed some problems with incorrect encoding of the document when exporting data into MS Excel files. 

5. SQL Editor:

    * Support of [Ctrl + C], [Ctrl + X], [Ctrl + V] shortcuts for the Query Manager tree. 

6. Grant Manager:

    * If there is an active SP/View/Trigger editor on the screen, the corresponding object will be automatically selected when the Grant Manager is started. 

7. Data Grid / Context Menu / Reorder Grid Columns:

    * Added the possibility to toggle visibility of columns. 

8. Import Data:

    * Added the option to autolink source and destination columns by their names. 

9. User Manager:

    * Added the possibility to specify a role when connecting to the Service Manager. 

10. Drag-n-drop database objects from the Database Explorer into code editors:

    * The following choices have been added: 

 DECLARE VARIABLE ... <domain>

11. IBEBlock:

    * ibec_Coalesce function implemented. 


 function ibec_Coalesce(Val1 : variant; Val2 : variant; [Val2 : variant; ...]) ; variant;

The ibec_Coalesce function is similar to the Firebird COALESCE functions. It takes two or more arguments and returns the value of the first non-NULL argument. If all the arguments evaluate to NULL, NULL is returned.

    * SELECT ... EXPORT AS now supports export into an XML spreadsheet. 


 execute ibeblock
   select * from rdb$relation_fields
   order by rdb$relation_name, rdb$field_position
   export as xmlspreadsheet into 'D:\rdb$relation_fields.xml'
   options 'ConvertToUTF8;
            DateTimeFormat="dd-mm-yyy hh:nn:ss";

    ibec_ShellExecute('open', 'D:\rdb$relation_fields.xml', , , 0);

    * ibec_ds_Export now supports the export of the dataset into an XML spreadsheet. 


 execute ibeblock
    ExportOptions = 'ConvertToUTF8;
                     DateTimeFormat="dd-mm-yyy hh:nn:ss";

      select * from rdb$relation_fields
      order by rdb$relation_name, rdb$field_position
      as dataset dsFields;

      ibec_ds_Export(dsFields, __etXMLSpreadSheet, 'D:\rdb$relation_fields.xml', ExportOptions);

      ibec_ShellExecute('open', 'D:\rdb$relation_fields.xml', , , 0);
      if (dsFields is not null) then

    * ibec_RestoreDatabase now supports FIX_FSS_DATA and FIX_FSS_METADATA options which are equal to the corresponding gbak keys. 


 res = ibec_RestoreDatabase('D:\NEWBLOCKDEMO.FBK',
                            'ClientLib=C:\Program Files\Firebird\Bin\fbclient.dll;
                             password=masterkey; user=SYSDBA; OneAtATime; PageSize=8192;
                             fix_fss_data=WIN1251; fix_fss_metadata=WIN1251', null);

12. Database Comparer:

    * Fixed the problems with an incorrect result script when comparing temporary and persistent tables with the same name. 

13. Script Editor:

    * Added the possibility to copy error messages to the clipboard. 

14. A lot of minor bug fixes and small improvements. 

Скачать: http://www.ibexpert.com/download/

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