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IBExpert new version 2011.04.03 available

What's New?
1. SQL Editor 
•    Added the possibility to share SQL Editor queries between registered databases - Common queries. These queries are made available from all registered databases. 
•    The Find query tab allows you to search for queries in Histories and sets of the SQL Editor queries of any registered database. Also it is possible to perform a search in IBEBlocks and Firebird blocks stored in the IBExpert User Database. 
•    Both features are available only if usage of the IBExpert User Database (Options / Environment options / User Database) is enabled. 
2. Table Data Comparer 
•    Fixed the occasionally occurring stream write error. 
3. Database Restore 
•    Added the option to register a database straight after a successful restore (Register database after restore checkbox when Restore in new database is selected). 
4. Table Editor / Script 
•    Decode domains checkbox added. 
5. Code Editors / Code Completion 
•    Added the possibility to display a list of object names containing a specified string, instead of starting with that string. Just add the dollar sign to the beginning of an object name. For example, $tmp + [Ctrl+Space] will list all database objects (SQL keywords, etc.) containing tmp in the object name. 
Alternatively you can use two asterisks to get the same result: *tmp* + [Ctrl+Space]. 
6. To-do List 
•    Support of UTF8 implemented. 
7. Database Explorer 
•    Saving and restoring of the Database Explorer tree state (expanded folders, active node) between IBExpert sessions implemented. 
8. Environment Options / Confirmations 
•    Added an option to control what to do with an active transaction when closing a form. By default IBExpert requests for your choice for each active transaction when you close a form. Now you can change this behavior and choose Commit or Rollback as the default action. 
9. SP/Trigger/Block Debugger 
•    Improved VAR values editor. 
•    Support of UTF8. 
10. IBEBlock 
•    The implementation of ibec_iif and ibec_Coalesce functions was optimized: the evaluation of input expressions stops as soon as the result of the entire expression becomes evident in left to right order of the evaluation. 
•    ibec_GetDiskFreeSpace function implemented. This function retrieves information about the amount of space that is available on a disk volume. 
 function ibec_GetDiskFreeSpace(DirectoryName : variant) : variant; 
DirectoryName is a directory on the disk. If this parameter is NULL or an empty string, the function uses the root of the current disk. ibec_GetDiskFreeSpace returns the total number of free bytes on a disk that are available to the user who is associated with the calling thread. 

 execute ibeblock 
     FreeSpace = ibec_GetDiskFreeSpace('C:\'); 
     ibec_ShowMessage('Total free space: ' || :FreeSpace || ' bytes'); 

•    ibec_GetServerLog function implemented. This function retrieves a Firebird/InterBase server log using the Services API (if available) and saves it into a specified file (or variable). 
 function ibec_GetServerLog(ConnectParams : string; FileName : variant) : variant; 
If FileName is specified as NULL or an empty string, the ibec_GetServerLog function returns the server log as the result. Otherwise it returns NULL. 
 execute ibeblock 
     res = ibec_GetServerLog('ServerName=localHOST/3070; User=SYSDBA; Password=masterke; 
                              ClientLib="C:\Program Files\Firebird25\bin\fbclient.dll"', 
11. A lot of minor bug fixes and small improvements 
The IBExpert Team

Скачать: http://www.ibexpert.com/download/
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IBExpert new version 2011.09.05 available
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Что нового в версии 12.01.2011: http://ibexpert.net/ibe/index.php?n=Doc.WhatsNew#ibe-v


IBExpert 2011.12.01

1. IBExpert storage

Since this version IBExpert uses the Firebird database and Firebird Embedded 2.5 to store IBExpert data (registered databases, query histories etc.) by default.

In previous versions by default IBExpert stored this data in the IBExpert.stg file and the user was able to change this manually in Options / Environment Options / User Database.
Working with IBExpert.stg is still possible (for example, if you disable the User Database manually) but you will get a warning every time you start IBExpert, and we will not support this method in the future.
2. The page control component was replaced with a new one.
You can customize its look under Options / Visual Options / Page Control. If you're working with IBExpert in a terminal session it is a good idea to choose Terminal style to avoid painting slowdown.
3. Import Data:
Added the possibility to import data into updatable views.
4. Blob Viewer
Added blob size information.
5. Options / Object Editor Options / Table Editor
The Use domain description as a description of a new domain-based field option was added. By default, when you create a new domain-based field, IBExpert copies the domain description into the description of a new field. To disable this behavior just deactivate this option.
6. Code Formatting
Fixed the problem with incorrect formatting of the FULL JOIN clause.
7. Procedure Editor:
Added information about the procedure source length. You can disable this in Options / Object Editor Options / Procedure Editor, using the Always display procedure DDL size option.
8. Extract Metadata:
Fixed the occasional problem with extracting blobs when they are extracted in separate lob-files.
9. A lot of small bug fixes and minor improvements.

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Я заметил, что немного обновили интерфейс, IBExpert теперь работает шустрее, при чем это видно невооружённым глазом.

Вверху, над таблицей структуры есть панелька, показывающая информацию о выбранном поле, например вот для вычисляемого поля:
user posted image

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Вышла новая версия IBExpert 2011.12.11: http://ibexpert.net/ibe/index.php?n=Doc.WhatsNew#ibe-w


IBExpert 2011.12.11

1. IBExpert Named User License
Some changes were required for the new IBExpert Named User License.

2. Registered VAR and Site License holders
Important: if you have a valid VAR or Site license, please contact register@ibexpert.com for new license file.

3. Some small bug fixes and minor improvements.

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Вышла новая версия IBExpert  2012.02.21


New features include: 
1.    Data import: now you can convert Boolean values to smallint values when importing data into a new table. You can also now automatically generate simple column names for the target table. 
2.    To-Do list: now you can duplicate To-Do items. 
3.    Extract metadata: New Always include COLLATE option. 
4.    Search metadata: New Do not search in comments option. 
5.    New IBEBlock functions and features. 
6.    Many small bug fixes and minor improvements. 
Since version 2011.12.01 IBExpert now uses the Firebird database and Firebird Embedded 2.5 to store all IBExpert data (registered databases, query histories etc.) by default. In previous versions by default IBExpert stored this data in the IBExpert.stg file and the user was able to change this manually in Options / Environment Options / User Database. Working with IBExpert.stg is still possible (for example, if you disable the User Database manually), but you will get a warning every time you start IBExpert, and we will not support this method in the future. 

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IBExpert 2012.05.09

1. Code Formatter 
•    Implemented formatting of IN AUTONOMOUS TRANSACTION statement. 
•    There is a new option for SELECT and UPDATE statements, Line feed before column list delimiter, which allows you to format them as below: 
   SELECT Customer
        , Contact_First
        , Contact_Last
        , Address_Line1

   UPDATE Help_Items
     SET Item_Parent_Id = :Varpitem_Parent_Id
       , Item_Title = :Varpitem_Title
       , Item_Order = :Varpitem_Order
       , Item_Data = :Varpitem_Data
2. Import Data 
•    Trim string values if they are too long option added (General Options tab). If this option is enabled, IBExpert will silently truncate strings if they exceed the target field length. 
3. Code Editors / Code Insight / Code Parameters Hint 
•    For stored procedures the parameters’ hint now contains a description of the current input parameter. If there is no description specified for the current parameter – a description of the procedure itself will be displayed, if it exists. 
•    For user-defined functions the parameters’ hint displays a UDF description, if it exists. 
•    For the VALUES part of INSERT statements the parameters' hint displays a description of the current field or table description. 
•    The following options are available under Options / Editor Options / Code Insight allowing you to customize the behavior of the parameters tip: 
o    Show current parameter/field description. 
o    Show parent object description if there is no description for current parameter/field. 
o    Maximum number of description lines to show. 
4. Code Editors 
•    Quick Comment feature implemented. Using the [Ctrl] + [/] (Ctrl + Slash) shortcut you can quickly comment/uncomment the current line of code or selected block using the single line comment style (-- at the beginning of the line). 
5. Search Metadata 
•    Fixed the problem with searching non-ASCII text when using UTF8 connection charset. 
6. IBEBlock 
•    ibec_ImportData: Support of TrimStrings option added. 
•    ibec_Decode function implemented. The ibec_Decode function has the functionality of an IF...THEN...ELSE statement. 
  function ibec_Decode(Expression : variant; Search : variant; Result : variant; 
                       [Search : variant; Result : variant]... [; Default : variant]) : variant;
•    Expression is the value to compare. 
•    Search is the value that is compared against Expression. 
•    Result is the value returned, if Expression is equal to Search. 
•    Default is optional. If no matches are found, the ibec_Decode will return Default. If Default is omitted, then the ibec_Decode function will return NULL (if no matches are found). 
  CityName = ibec_Decode(CityCode, 1, 'Berlin', 2, 'Rome', 3, 'Bangkok', 'Unknown'); 
•    The following functions have been implemented for reading/writing from/to a file stream: 
function ibec_fs_ReadByte(FileHandle : variant) : integer; 
function ibec_fs_WriteByte(FileHandle : variant; Value : integer) : integer; 
function ibec_fs_ReadWord(FileHandle : variant) : integer; 
function ibec_fs_WriteWord(FileHandle : variant; Value : integer) : integer; 
function ibec_fs_ReadDoubleWord(FileHandle : variant) : integer; 
function ibec_fs_WriteDoubleWord(FileHandle : variant; Value : integer) : integer; 
function ibec_fs_ReadInt32(FileHandle : variant) : integer; 
function ibec_fs_WriteInt32(FileHandle : variant; Value : integer) : integer; 
•    ibec_fs_ReadByte function reads one byte from the file stream and returns an unsigned integer value (0..255). 
•    ibec_fs_ReadWord function reads two bytes from the file stream and returns an unsigned integer value (0..65535). 
•    ibec_fs_ReadDoubleWord function reads for bytes from the file stream and returns an unsigned integer value (0..4294967295). 
•    ibec_fs_ReadInt32 function reads for bytes from the file stream and returns a signed integer value (–2147483648..2147483647). 
•    ibec_fs_WriteByte functions writes one byte to the file stream as a 8-bit unsigned integer. 
•    ibec_fs_WriteWord functions writes two bytes to the file stream as a 16-bit unsigned integer. 
•    ibec_fs_WriteDoubleWord functions writes four bytes to the file stream as a 32-bit unsigned integer. 
•    ibec_fs_WriteInt32 functions writes for bytes to the file stream as a 32-bit signed integer. 
All ibec_fs_WriteXXX functions return the number of bytes written to the file stream. 
•    Below is an example of an IBEBlock which scans a database file and retrieves some useful information about the distribution of database pages. You can also find this block in the \Blocks\Samples\DB Pages Statistics directory. 
   execute ibeblock (DBFileName varchar(1000) comment 'Path to database file')
   returns (
     PageType varchar(100) comment 'Page Type',
     PageCount integer comment 'Page Count',
     PagePercent numeric(15,2) comment 'Page %',
     PageMb numeric(15,2) comment 'Size, Mb')
     TimeStart = ibec_GetTickCount();
     iPageIndex = 0;
     aPages = ibec_Array(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0);
     aPageTypes = ibec_Array('Unused', 'Database Header', 'Page Inventory Page', 'Transaction Inventory Page', 'Pointer Page',
                             'Data Page', 'Index Root Page', 'Index Page', 'Blob Data Page', 'Generator Page', 'Write Ahead Log');

     aBitMasks = ibec_Array(1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128);

     fs = ibec_fs_OpenFile(DBFileName, __fmOpenRead + __fmShareDenyNone);
     if (fs is null) then
       ibec_fs_Seek(fs, 16, __soFromBeginning);

       iPageSize = ibec_fs_ReadWord(fs);
       iPageSizeSub20 = iPageSize - 20;

       ibec_fs_Seek(fs, iPageSize + 20, __soFromBeginning);
       sPIP = ibec_fs_ReadString(fs, iPageSizeSub20);
       NextPIPIndex = iPageSizeSub20 * 8 - 1;

       ibec_fs_Seek(fs, 0, __soFromBeginning);
       while (not ibec_fs_Eof(fs)) do
         if (ibec_mod(iPageIndex, 100) = 0) then
           TimeSpent = ibec_Div(ibec_GetTickCount() - TimeStart, 1000);
           iSpeed = ibec_IIF((iPageIndex = 0) or (TimeSpent = 0), 0, ((iPageSize / 1024) * iPageIndex) / 1024 / TimeSpent);
           ibec_Progress(iPageIndex || '  :  ' || TimeSpent || '  :  ' || iSpeed || ' Mb/s');
         iVal = ibec_fs_ReadByte(fs);

         iPIPBytePos = ibec_mod(ibec_div(iPageIndex, 8), iPageSizeSub20) + 1;
         iPIPBitMaskIdx = ibec_mod(iPageIndex, 8);
         if (iPIPBitMaskIdx = 0) then
           iPIPByte = ibec_Ord(ibec_Copy(sPIP, iPIPBytePos, 1));
         iPIPBitMask = aBitMasks[iPIPBitMaskIdx];
         IsUsed = (ibec_and(iPIPBitMask, iPIPByte) = 0);

         if (IsUsed) then
           aPages[iVal] = aPages[iVal] + 1;
           aPages[0] = aPages[0] + 1;

         if (iPageIndex = NextPIPIndex) then
           ibec_fs_Seek(fs, 19, __soFromCurrent);
           sPIP = ibec_fs_ReadString(fs, iPageSizeSub20);
           NextPIPIndex = NextPIPIndex + iPageSizeSub20 * 8;

         iPageIndex = iPageIndex + 1;
         ibec_fs_Seek(fs, iPageIndex * iPageSize, __soFromBeginning);

       PageType = 'Total Pages';
       PageCount = iPageIndex;
       PagePercent = 100;
       PageMb = (PageCount * (iPageSize / 1024)) / 1024;

       foreach (aPages as PageCnt key Idx skip nulls) do
         PageType = aPageTypes[Idx];
         PageCount = PageCnt;
         PagePercent = (PageCnt/iPageIndex) * 100;
         PageMb = (PageCount * (iPageSize / 1024)) / 1024;
7. A lot of minor bug fixes and small improvements. 

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Вышла новая версия.
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IBExpert new version 2012.08.19 available

What´s new?
1.Trace and Audit Service

* Support for log_sweep option implemented (Firebird 2.5.2)

* Source/Details window implemented. In Grid mode it allows
to see source and details of each trace record.

2. Code Formatter

* "CRLF after UPDATE" and "Indent before table name" options
added for UPDATE statement

3. Event Blocks

* In this version we introduce Event Blocks feature which
allow you to process some events within IBExpert.

* Following events are currently available for processing:

After IBExpert starts event
Before IBExpert stops event
Before connect to database event
After database connected event
Before disconnect from database event
After database disconnected event
Before metadata change event
After metadata changed event

* Event Blocks are stored in the User Database and available
as ordinary IBEBlocks on the Blocks page of the DB Explorer.

* There are two ways to create an event block:
- Create an ordinary IBEBlock and associate it with the event
using Event page of the Block Editor.

- Use "Create/Edit event block" of the context menu of the
blocks tree. IBExpert will associate new block with selected
event automatically.

* There is a template/example of event block available
on the Event page of the Block editor. It lists actual
block input parameters and also can have some piece of
code which illustrates possible actions you can perform
when processing events.

* Event blocks start to work just after you save them
initially - take this into account.

* "Debug when fires" option allows you to start the block
debugger when the associated event fires. This option
takes effects immediately after you turn it on but is
actual during current session of IBExpert only.

* If you need to process some specific events within IBExpert
let us know about what do you want to process and what result
do you expect.

4. Default blocks and language files

* In this version we have updated all default blocks and most of the language files

5. Minor bugfixes and small improvements 

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New IBExpert Version 2012.11.26 available
New features include: 
1.    Database description: now in the SQL Assistant and HTML documentation. 
2.    Index dependencies: now supported. 
3.    Before/After metadata change: events now supported in the Script Executive. 
4.    Import Data: import of text files with fixed column widths now supported. 
5.    IBEBlocks: new and improved. 
6.    A few minor bug fixes and small improvements. 

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New IBExpert version 2013.10.08 available
New features: 
1.    IBExpert Benchmark: Compare the performance of different hardware, software and operating systems for use as your Firebird Server! 
2.    Firebird 3.0 support: We have already integrated the first Firebird 3.0 functions and some of the new Firebird 3.0 Alpha version features have already been implemented. More to follow soon! 
3.    IBEBlock FTP support: Further commands have been integrated into the IBEBlock language for automated access to FTP servers. 
4.    Automatic update information: The new IBExpert version now automatically checks for updates and informs you of any new version as soon as it is published. 
5.    Our new online shop: Implemented using IBExpert, IBEBlock, Firebird and Apache on a Windows Server. We also offer workshops, so you can learn to integrate this technology in your own projects. 
6.    ... and much more. 

Скачать бесплатную версию IBExperhttp://www.ibexpert.com/rus/ibe_sfx.exe
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Новая версия IBExpert 2014.03.16
Скачать бесплатную версию IBExpert http://www.ibexpert.com/rus/ibe_sfx.exe 

What´s new?    
1.    Export data

2.    Export data as SQL script

3.    Script Executive, IBEScript

4.    Support of CREATE/ALTER/RECREATE/DROP/COMMENT FUNCTION statements and version history for stored functions (Firebird 3)

5.    Extract Metadata

6.    Grant Manager

7.    Autogrant privileges

8.    PSQL parser

9.    SQL Editor

10.    Trace and Audit service

11.    Data frame

12.    IBEBlock

13.    Minor bug fixes and small improvements.

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IBExpert new version 2015.06.01
1. Database Inside 
•    Support of Firebird 3 databases implemented. 
•    Fixed the accidental invalid floating point operation error. 
2. Database Comparer, Table Data Comparer 
•    Fixed the problem that caused IBExpert to crash in some cases. 
3. Support of online validation (Firebird 2.5.4) implemented 
There are two ways to perform online validation: 
•    In the Database Explorer select one or more tables and choose Validate selected table(s) online from the context menu. 
•    In the Table Editor select Validate online from the Editor menu. 
Online validation is available only in Firebird 2.5.4. 
4. Data grids 
•    Data tips for blob fields are shown in Unicode if it is necessary. 
5. Code Editors 
•    Support of statistical functions and linear regression functions (highlighting, parameter tips) implemented, Firebird 3. 
6. PSQL parser 
•    Support of REGR_xxx (linear regression) functions as window functions implemented (Firebird 3). 
7. Blob Viewer 
•    Added support of Firebird 3 format descriptors (As format page). 
8. Minor bug fixes and small improvements 

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Правила форума "Interbase"

Обязательно указание:

1. Версию InterBase (Firebird, Yaffil)

2. Способа доступа (ADO, BDE, IBX и т.д.)

  • Действия модераторов можно обсудить здесь
  • С просьбами о написании курсовой, реферата и т.п. обращаться сюда
  • FAQ раздела лежит здесь!

Если Вам понравилась атмосфера форума, заходите к нам чаще! С Уважением, Akella.

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